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SEPTEMBER 24, 2019


The Union School District is seeking Proposals to provide high quality, cost effective legal services,
consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct, which regulate the conduct of lawyers. The
school solicitor may be a firm or individual practitioner. This request for proposals does not include
the services of Bond Counsel. Union School District retains the right to retain the services of special
counsel at its discretion.


A. Demonstrable experience in most if not all of the following areas of public school law:

1. Governance matters, including matters arising under the State Ethics Act, Sunshine Act, Board Policies, Public Records Act, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, Right to Know Act, School Code, Roberts Rules of Order;
2. Labor and employment laws, including laws relating to discrimination, labor negotiations, grievance and arbitration, and certification requirements;
3. School construction projects and related debt and investments;

4. Real estate, assessment appeals and environment issues;
5. Contracting, bidding and procurement issues;
6. Compliance with applicable federal educational statutes such as Every Student Succeeds Act, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, Title IX Non-discrimination;
7. Student issues, including discipline, admissions, attendance, special education, student civil rights and religion in public schools;
8. Insurance issues;
9. Fiscal issues, including school finance, taxation, collection and investments.


B. Legal services the school may require include the following:

1. Attendance of monthly board meetings, annual reorganization meeting, and special meetings when Solicitor's attendance is requested;
2. Render legal advice on specific routine legal problems;
3. Routine telephone conferences with administration, business office and the board president;
4. Review the preparation of routine contracts, collective bargaining agreements and other legal documents required for the day-to-day operations of the district upon request;
5. Prepare and render routine opinion letters that do not require legal research when requested;
6. Provide updates on legislation, case law and other matters that may affect the district;
7. Aid in the preparation of the monthly agendas;
8. Representing the school district in adversarial proceedings;
9. Providing legal advice and recommendations with respect to any issues, including but not limited to such matters as governance, property, pupils, employees, liability, construction, debt issuance, litigation, contracts, civil rights, and applicable ordinances laws and regulations;
10. Providing summaries of contracts and insurance policies;
11. Reviewing new legislation and reporting on requirements any such legislation may impose the district;
12. Conducting legal audits of the district’s practices and policies; and
13. Performing other services that may be requested from time-to-time.


A. All fees and other charges shall be presented in an engagement letter or contract to the Union School District Board of Directors for approval.
B. Legal counsel shall provide prior written notice of increases in hourly rates of timekeepers expected to perform work for the District.
C. Invoices will be submitted monthly and should:

1. Clearly identify each attorney or non-attorney performing services for each entry;
2. Indicate the amount of time expended by each timekeeper broken down by task if working on more than one matter;
3. Provide sufficient detail to readily allow the District to determine the necessity for and reasonableness of the time expended and the services performed;
4. In summary form, indicate the current hourly rate of each timekeeper, the total time billed by each timekeeper, the product of the total time and hourly rate for each timekeeper, and the total fee charged; and
5. Provide a separate section detailing the expenses associated with the legal services billed to the District.

D. The Administration or Business Office shall discuss billing questions with legal counsel.  Charges may be disallowed in whole or in part if they are unsupported, not reasonable or cost effective or do not conform with the engagement letter or contract approved by the Union School District Board of Directors.


A. Requests for Proposals and any questions about the proposal shall be submitted to:

Union School District Business Office
Mr. John Kimmel, Superintendent
354 Baker Street, Suite 2
Rimersburg, PA 16248
(814) 473-6311 ext. 0

B. Proposals shall be submitted by the close of business on Monday, October 7, 2019
C. Proposals shall include:

1. Name of Firm, Address of Firm, Phone Number & Fax Number of Firm. Name and title of Contact Person and Names of Officers in the Firm;

2. Firm Profile: Provide a brief overview of your firm including the number of years your firm has been providing legal services to PA public school clients;
3. School District Clients: Provide a list of school districts for which the firm has completed similar services;
4. Resumes: Provide resumes of the key personnel who will be assigned to the school district including the individual who will primarily attend the monthly school board meetings. Include educational background, experience and a list of similar school district clients the firm has experience with;
5. Expertise in areas for which engaged;
6. Unique accomplishments or examples of excellence;
7. Positions of leadership in the field of education law;
8. Other relevant information;
9. Proposed engagement letter or contract; and
10. Compensation: Provide a fee schedule for the services that will be provided.

D. Based on an evaluation of the proposal, a short list of firms could be invited for an interview.

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