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All 4th-6th grade students are invited to join the Union Elementary Trailblazers Running Program. The running program is designed for all levels of running from beginner to advanced…..the goal is for each student to become a healthier, better and faster runner by the end of the school year.

Students may join the running program at any time throughout the school year. Since many students are involved in numerous activities, I encourage students to participate when their schedules allow.

Practices are scheduled from 2:45PM – 3:30PM on Monday and Wednesday each week. Practices are geared to train and teach students healthy ways to reach their running goals. I run the entire school year….if the temperature is below 25 degrees and/or the roads are too icy or it is thundering and lightening outside then we will work out inside the building. Otherwise, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately if they plan to stay that day.

We will run in the rain and snow!!!!!!

The Clarion University Cross Country Team joins us on occasion and runs with our kids. Coach Eric Laughlin and his team travel to Rimersburg Elementary and help coach and encourage the kids to be the best runners they can be.

My work contact is 473-3989 ext. 2 or 745-2152 ext 2.
Let’s get Running!!!!!
Melissa Anderson, Elementary School Counselor, M.Ed.

A message from Mrs. Anderson…….
People ask me all the time why I love to run…Do you run to lose weight or are you just crazy they ask?? I say neither but I have never been able to put it into words the reasons until I found a quote that helped say it for me.
“Would you workout if you didn’t have to in order to stay fit and healthy? Yes!! I love what running has done for me. I run to challenge myself. I run to be fearless. I run to clear my wildly rampant thoughts. I’m a runner, and I love every painstakingly triumphant moment. I sometimes think, “Why do I do this to myself?” But when I reach a new personal best or cross another finish line, that’s when I get my answer. I love the feeling of the ground pounding beneath my feet. I love the wind blowing through my hair and the sweat pouring down my face. An overwhelming sense of pride rushes through me every single time I lace up my shoes. Running doesn’t define me. I define running. I gained so much insight from running. I’ve developed new outlooks, built numerous friendships, and created lasting memories because of running. Running is an adventure, and I’m always up for the challenge. I’m chasing every fear that I’ve ever possessed, and I’m using these fears to drive me forward on a daily basis. “ (~Adrian Crouch)
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