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The mission of the Union School District, in harmony with our community, is to educate and empower students to become continuous learners in an environment which ensures that each student gains knowledge and skills, self-motivation and related positive attitudes necessary to compete equitably with peers locally and globally towards meaningful and productive lives.

Dear Parents, Students, and Union School District Community,

Throughout the November 16-20 school week and this weekend, we have been made aware of several staff members either receiving positive COVID tests, showing symptoms, or being in contact with others who have been symptomatic. Due to the number of people who are to be quarantined over the next several days, continuing to operate through in-person instruction is not possible. Therefore, Union School District will need to move to remote instruction from November 23, 2020 through November 25, 2020 to allow for deep cleaning of our facilities and to allow for the return of enough staff to facilitate operations. Fortunately, the holiday break provides sufficient time for the return of enough staff to resume operations on December 2nd, given the assumption that more staff do not need to quarantine during that period of time. I realize the great hardship this may place on some of our families and I apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause.

On Monday, November 23rd, students shall log into their classes starting at 10:30 AM and follow the schedule communicated by your building principal. On November 24th, we will be on our normal schedule for the day, so all students shall log into classes at their normally scheduled times. On November 25th, the district will be operating on a half day schedule prior to the Thanksgiving Break. All staff who are scheduled to report will do so at their normal times.

I offer my sincerest thanks to you for your support and I apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue to work hard to return to normal operations so that our parents may have the ability to choose between remote learning and in-person instruction.

I wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving and good health!!


John Kimmel, Superintendent

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Grades 7-12 Only - Elementary will be contacted directly by the teachers with instructions.

Monday, 11/23/2020 Only: Students will be following the regular bell schedule beginning with their 5th period class. The delayed start time is for today only in order for teachers to prepare for full remote learning.

Daily Routine: All students are required to login and click the Google meet link on their Google classroom at the appropriate time. Attendance will be taken the first 5 minutes of class. Students not logged in or late will be marked absent. If they log on late, make sure they email their teacher to let them know they were tardy. Students must be seated at a table or desk to participate. They must also be dressed appropriately following the school dress code.

School Email and Google Hangouts: Students will be required to check their school Gmail account several times throughout the day. Important information will be shared this way.

Online Grading: Students are responsible for completing all homework. Teachers can invite parents to their Google Classroom, so they will receive emails when assignments are posted. Parents should also log in to the Parent Portal to check their child’s grades. If you do not know how to log into MMS, please refer to the school website for complete instructions.

Parent Questions: Please email your child’s teachers if you have any questions. Email addresses can be found on our website. Your child will also have access to their teachers’ emails in their Gmail account. Please encourage them to email any questions if they are unsure of what or how to do an assignment.

Excuses: If a student is absent from remote learning, an excuse must still be provided via email. The email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Good Afternoon,

In an effort to be prepared in the event of school closure due to COVID19, Union School District is again contacting families to determine who would wish to participate in meal pick-up in the event that we do need to move to remote learning.  As we did last spring, Union School District will be providing a breakfast and a lunch for each participating student to be picked up at Union High School on Mondays starting at 2 PM until 3:30 PM.  We will notify families each week of the service, as any closure may be for an undetermined duration of time.  To participate please complete the survey found online at https://www.unionsd.net/covid-related-information.html.  If unable to complete the survey, you may contact Union High School at (814) 473-3121 to provide your information.  We will compile a list of participants.  If your status should change, please notify the school in a timely manner to either start or terminate services.  Hopefully, we will be able to continue in-person education, however it is necessary that we are prepared in the event we must move to remote education.  Thanks you for your time and have a great day.

Below is some information from Pennsylvania Association of School Board Officials which investigates the disadvantages of Cyber Charter School enrollments.
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Union School District


First opinions are often formed based upon your physical appearance. How you dress often projects an image which is related to your behavior and attitude. Therefore, it is imperative that your dress in a manner that projects a positive image. Secondly, your dress must be chosen with safety in mind. Any clothing which may pose a safety hazard is not permitted.  Lastly, your form of dress/appearance should promote a positive learning environment and cannot cause a disruption to your education or the education of others.


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