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The mission of the Union School District, in harmony with our community, is to educate and empower students to become continuous learners in an environment which ensures that each student gains knowledge and skills, self-motivation and related positive attitudes necessary to compete equitably with peers locally and globally towards meaningful and productive lives.
Dear Union School District Community,

Every three years, public school districts must complete the comprehensive planning process for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As Union School District is a Phase 1 School, our plan is to be completed this year. In meeting the requirement for this plan, districts are to invite parents, students, teachers, staff, administrators, board members, and community partners to participate in the planning process. The plan is very specifically focused upon academic performance, the PA Future Ready Index, and how to improve our performance on the key indicators addressed by the index. We will be holding a short meeting on December 8 th in the Union High School Library at 6:00 PM for this purpose. If would like to provide any input or suggestions, please feel free to attend. Thank you!


Dr. John Kimmel, Supt.
Union School District
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Below is some information from Pennsylvania Association of School Board Officials which investigates the disadvantages of Cyber Charter School enrollments.
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First opinions are often formed based upon your physical appearance. How you dress often projects an image which is related to your behavior and attitude. Therefore, it is imperative that you dress in a manner that projects a positive image. Secondly, your dress must be chosen with safety in mind. Any clothing which may pose a safety hazard is not permitted.  Lastly, your form of dress/appearance should promote a positive learning environment and cannot cause a disruption to your education or the education of others. 

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