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Message from the Superintendent

Thank you for visiting the superintendent’s page for Union School District! We are excited that you are utilizing our digital space to become more informed about our school system and that you want to be an active member of our school community. It is our goal to build a collaborative environment in which each student is recognized as a valuable member of the community who deserves the time and resources dedicated to their future success. As stated in the old Igbo and Yourba African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, we believe the same is true for educating our youth. With the support of our families and community members working with our dedicated educational staff, we can effect positive change in the lives of our students to promote productive futures. Thank you for being a positive part of our “village”.


Welcome to the superintendent’s page for Union School District. As your district superintendent I am excited to serve our small but strong community by helping to provide positive educational experiences and support to our children. Being a native of Clarion County, I grew up just north of our district boundary near Reidsburg. Upon graduating from Clarion Area High School in 1997, I attended Clarion University where I received my BSE in science education. After teaching for two years at Walkersville High School in Maryland, I was hired to teach science courses here at Union High School. During the four years in which I was here, I felt like a valued member of our staff and community which is why I wanted to return later as an administrator. After six years as a principal at Jeff Tech and five years as the principal at Clarion Area High School, I was able to return to Union School District in 2019 as your superintendent. It is with great pride and pleasure that I have the opportunity to serve our community as we work together in promoting our great traditions while also making positive changes for the benefit of our students.


Dr. John Kimmel, Superintendent

Union School District
Title IX Coordinator
Safety Compliance Officer
Safe To Say Coordinator
Health and Safety Coordinator
Homeless Liaison
Foster Parent Liaison

2023-2024 Superintendent Objective Performance Standards - Outcomes

Goal #1
Lead the Union School District Administrative Team in developing and implementing procedures which encourage students who are currently enrolled in cyber education programs to return to Union School District educational programs. Likewise, provide for district communication with families who choose to enroll in non-district cyber education programs during the 2023-2024 school year to encourage their return to Union School District. - Accomplished

Goal #2
Develop and provide for the implementation of interventions, supports, and/or procedures which serve to better address and/or prevent significant and/or repeated behavioral incidents at the high school level, which cause a substantial disruption to the educational process. - Accomplished

Goal #3
Work collaboratively with the Union School District Business Office and School Board to build a revenue-based budget for the 2024-2025 school year which reflects the values of the district and supports the district within the financial limitations it maintains. - Accomplished

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