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Vision Statement:

The Foundation will assist in enabling the Union School District, through private support, to enhance the social and academic lives of its students.

Mission Statement:

The Union Enhancement Foundation supports and fosters enhancement activities and initiatives for kindergarten through 12th grade students in the Union School District that improve their academic and overall wellbeing.

The Foundation was formed to provide concerned individuals and businesses an opportunity to contribute to a tax deductible, charitable donation to enhance the academic and social wellness of its students.


· Fulfill our community mission and vision statements by supporting educational projects and events that are not financed with local tax dollars.
· Foster a strong working relationship between Union School District and the communities it encompasses.
· Invest community resources to enhance student achieve academic success and improve their overall well-being.
· Increase the direct participation of the business community in Kindergarten through 12th grade education.
· Increase the number of successful local programs and projects dedicated to improving student achievement by expanding enhancement programs, which address district, classroom, and student needs.
· Develop and continue an awareness program that involves the community in supporting and sustaining the mission of the Education Foundation.

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